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State Compliance

With the myriad of regulations from state to state, compliance can be complex and time consuming. Whether you sell, install or monitor... the risks of non-compliance can be severe and disciplinary actions can impact the company's ability to obtain licenses in other states. CMS can guide you through the licensing process, qualifying agent requirements, employee registrations, and continuing education.



Business & Professional Licensure

To obtain a professional license at the state level, a company will normally be required to first obtain a Certificate of Authority to operate in that state (for non-home states) and a business license. Most states also require an individual to act as Qualifying Agent (QA) for the company. Each state’s criteria for the Qualifying Agent vary, but often involve particular training and industry experience.


Once licensed there are many ongoing responsibilities in order to maintain good standing in the state and avoid compliance problems. In most states, these requirements include the filing of annual reports, renewal of business and professional licenses, employee registrations and renewals, and continuing education.


Employee Registration

Which employees in your organization must be registered? This varies from state to state and can be impacted by several factors including:

  • Location of company headquarters and branch offices
  • Employee locations (including states in which salespeople may travel)
  • Specific products and services offered by your organization
  • Whether your organization subcontracts installation and technical services


Continuing Education

Many states have entry education and/or continuing education requirements for employees engaged in the electronic security industry. Proper planning and coordination should focus on training that is relevant for the individual, brings value to the organization, minimizes classroom time and meets the requirements of multiple states in order to minimize financial investment.


Compliance Management Solutions, LLC makes state compliance simple by:

  • Obtaining Certificates of Authority
  • Filing Annual Reports
  • Preparing and submitting Business License applications
  • Identifying the appropriate individuals to act as Qualifying Agents (QA’s) for each state
  • Identifying and coordinating any entry education or certification courses needed by QA’s
  • Preparing and submitting Professional License applications
  • Managing the renewal schedule for all state licenses
  • Completing and submitting license renewal applications prior to deadline
  • Submitting corporate changes and Qualifying Agent changes within state statute limits
  • Monitoring continuing education requirements and coordinating coursework
  • Performing background checks
  • Providing fingerprinting services
  • Completing employee registration applications & renewals



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